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Thursday, 20 June 2019


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Duration: Full day (08:00 - 16:00h (estimated)) Half day (8:00 - 14:00 h (estimated)) Full day (08:00 - 18:00 h (estimated))
Theme: Water management in support of urban potable/non-potable water supply Water reuse and concentrate treatment in industrial applications Towards water reuse in agriculture
Location: Berlin area Berlin area Wolfsburg area
Description: Berlin is a constantly growing city and it’s drinking water supply heavily relies on bank filtration from streams and lakes that also receive significant amounts of wastewater discharge. Currently only natural treatment processes followed by conventional drinking water treatment are employed. Different measures are being implemented at the city scale to proactively manage this unplanned indirect potable reuse scheme. Besides a new concept of managed aquifer recharge (SMART), various installations ensuring a sustainable water supply will be visited, addressing further reuse specific aspects: Micropollutant and pathogens removal, managed aquifer recharge, surface water treatment and decentralised urban non-potable water reuse installations. The tour gives different examples of water reuse in industry. (I) In an industrial laundry about 40 % of the used water is recycled by a multistep membrane processes. In parallel a high amount of wastewater based residual heat is reused. (II) In a food production site (coffee extract) a scheme for increasing water reuse up to 60 % by membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis is under implementation. Challenges are the hardly biodegradable fraction of the wastewater and the chemical and hygienic permeate quality for reuse. For both sites, innovative solutions for concentrate treatment are currently implemented and will be featured during the tour. Solutions for upgrading reclaimed water in such a way that water and nutrients are available for the use within hydroponic plant growth systems in agriculture will be shown. In addition recovery of nutrients as phosphorus and efficient wastewater treatment installations will be shown.

 75- Euro plus VAT
(minimum number of participants 20, maximum 30)
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supported by Berliner Wasserbetriebe

50,- Euro plus VAT
(minimum number of participants 20, maximum 30)
90,- Euro plus VAT
(minimum number of participants 30, maximum 50)

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Matthias Neumann
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